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  • Tools and Features
  • Graphic terms
  • Work with objects and nodes
  • Manipulate objects
  • Alignment, scaling, rotation
  • Group objects
  • Create and handle text
  • Edit, Resize, move and rotate text and graphics
  • Colour and objects
  • Working with Pantone colours
  • Use fills and outlines
  • Graphic file formats
  • Corel clipart galleries
  • Work with layers
  • Special effects; drop shadow, bitmap effects
  • Modify perspective
  • Extrude text and graphics
  • Use the lens tool
  • Powerclips and envelopes
  • Prepare for print shop and work with a bureau
  • Corel Draw

    This course is for people who who wish to design and produce professional type-set quality documents ready for print in an efficient and cost effective way.

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